Conveyor-DiagramThe Ultimate Fire Pit is the Ultimate campfire ring that will provide you with the Ultimate backyard experience! Whether you are spending time with family, entertaining friends or just enjoying the great outdoors, the Ultimate Fire Pit is the Ultimate experience when it comes to campfires and cooking!  

The Ultimate Fire Pit comes in two sizes: the full deluxe model and the all new, smaller, Port-a-Pit model (great for camping trips!)

Included in the deluxe model: fire pit, 24-inch griddle, attachment pole, kettle arm and winch, cast iron 12-quart kettle, cast iron 13-inch skillet, cast iron muffin pan, cast iron cornbread pan and cast iron pie cooker!

The travel sized Port-a-Pit model comes with fire pit, two griddles, kettle & more.  And the best about the Port-a-Pit... it folds down and will fit into a camping size duffle bag for traveling!

Whatever your outdoor plans are, the Ultimate Fire Pit is a high-quality, cooking and campfire necessity that all ages will enjoy.

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The Ultimate Fire Pit can be customized to fit your needs.  Cast iron kettles come in four different sizes ranging from 4-quart to 20-quart.  Cast iron skillet selection includes 8-inch and 13-inch.  Additional accessories such as grilling pans, pie cookers, bread pans and muffin pans are also available for purchase.

Not only can you purchase the Ultimate Fire Pit online and at the Best Performance St Marys location, but several camping stores also offer the amazing camping accessory.  A full list of those locations will be posted soon.

Ultimate Fire Pit construction is simple and only takes a few minutes.  All bolts and parts needed are provided with purchase. 

The smaller Port-a-Pit can be put together in a matter of minutes as well, and can be torn back down just as easily!  Parts and panels interlock for quick setup. 

Tank Lock support stands can be ordered 24 hours/day online at or by phone at 866-865-5625.

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