Conveyor-DiagramThe Lean-Right is a motorcycle support stand and service tool that allows the motorcycle to be leaned to the right. This allows better access to the left side. This is a great benefit when servicing and cleaning. Our tool was designed for all motorcycles as long as there is an open area between the frame and the motor.

The Lean-Right is a tool made of ¼ inch steel with a rubberized, rust-free protective coating to prevent scratching the frame of the motorcycle. It does not bolt to the motorcycle, instead it hooks and unhooks to the bottom of the motorcycle frame in seconds! Using the hook side, simply attach it on top of the left end frame, between the frame and the motor. Once in place just gently lean the motorcycle to the right. The bottom of the right side of the frame will rest on the Lean-Right locking it into place. The Lean-Right is to be removed after each use.

The Lean-Right is the ideal tool for travel. It fits nicely in a saddlebag for quick and easy use. It is a tool a bike owner will use over and over again.  It is he smart solution for any motorcycle owner!

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The Lean-Right is available in two standard sizes:

* The Lean-Right 24, which fits most Harley models and bigger framed bikes

* The Lean-Right 19, which fits most Sportster models and narrow framed bikes

Along with ordering online from the Lean-Right website, the Lean-Right is also available for purchase at many motorcycle dealerships across the United States.

The most updated list of dealers that carry the Lean-Right are listed HERE

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Lean-Right support stands can be ordered 24 hours/day online at or by phone at 866-865-5625