Best Performance, Inc. has developed a new, innovative, vertical bulk material conveyor. The lift tremendously reduces degradation of materials, increases efficiency and flow rate, reduces wear, and helps improve the safety of the work place due to its extreme health hazard prevention components, such as being virtually dust free. The new ideas behind this conveyor are ground-breaking and extremely beneficial to companies that utilize bulk material handling equipment.

The principal behind this machine is very straight forward. At the center of the machine is a fixed lift screw that is fastened to the bottom of the inlet hopper. A casing with scoops attached rotates about the fixed lift screw. As the casing rotates, the scoops direct product to the lift screw. The interaction between product particles and the rotating casing combined with pressure provided by the scoops forcing product to the screw, causes the product to move up the screw and be discharged at the top. This design helps to insure that the number of parts that contact a customer’s product are kept to an absolute minimum. Please see Figure 1 to the right to get a visual idea of how the Bulk Material Lift works.

The scalability of this machine depends on a few factors that the customer can provide to us, such as bulk density of material that needs lifted (lbs per cubic ft.), moisture content, flow rate requirements (pounds/tons per hr.), and special considerations (i.e. stainless steel contact parts for food grade material).

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The rotating casing with attached scoops and the fixed lift screw are the only parts that contact the material during elevation. Since there are no buckets repeatedly paddling through it, material degradation is greatly reduced. Fewer moving parts also means less potential for wear and eventual failure.

When equipped with an optional VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), the Bulk Material Lift offers precise control of RPM, which translates to precise flow of product.

With the minimal amount of moving parts and the stout drive unit incorporated in the design of the Bulk Material Lift, long operating life and significant savings in maintenance costs are assured. 

The Bulk Material Lift functions with low amp usage, while surpassing performance of pneumatic conveying systems without blowers, compressors, vacuums or dust control equipment, all which add expense. 

Conveyor-Diagram Conveyor-Diagram Conveyor-Diagram Conveyor-Diagram Conveyor-Diagram

Compared to other Pneumatic Elevators...

Equipment Wear 64%
Product Flow Rate 152%
Maintenance Cost 77%
Noise Levels 69%


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